general terms

Rules for working on the website

  1. General considerations.

1.1. This document applies to any natural or legal person (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") and constitutes an official offer at It contains all the essential conditions for entering (registering) the Client's Application on the Internet site:

1.2. This document is a public offer. The application for a vehicle through the website on any of the ways specified in this Offer shall be deemed to be acceptance equivalent to the conclusion of a contract under the terms and conditions set forth therein. The offer is published on the official website

1.3. By accepting the terms of this Public Offer, the Customer also agrees with the Policy regarding the processing of personal data, published on the official website

 1.4. The client should carefully read the text of this Offer and, if he does not agree to any of his terms, may waive the request for a request on the website.

1.5. Concepts and definitions used for the purposes of fulfilling the terms of this Offer:

1.5.1. Ability to register a Client Application on the website means accepting the request, processing and transmitting it to the Carrier, as well as providing information to the Customer for the execution of the Application via the .

1.5.2. Request means the order processed by the website containing information about the Client regarding the execution of a certain type of one-time services for the call of a vehicle, the carriage of baggage (cargo), the carrying out of the loading and unloading activities carried out by the Carriers.

1.5.3. Carrier - a natural or legal person who performs one-off services and is not a professional or business entity or an independent economic operator with the right to carry out regular business activities and the right to provide services.

1.5.4. Customer means a person requesting services on the website.

1.5.5. Route is the road of the vehicle between the starting point and the end point.

1.5.6. A pre-order is a request for transport services registered not less than 24 hours from the requested start time allowing the arrival of the vehicle at the time indicated by the Customer.

  1. Subject of the offer

2.1. The website provides free of charge to the Customer the possibility to fill in a Request on the website and inform the Client about the execution of the request. The website is not a transport company, it does not provide the Customer with passenger and baggage, freight services or other transport services.

2.2. The website has the quality of a one-time service provider, and the carrier is a one-time service provider.

2.3. The website is a provider of information services.

  1. Order to Enter a Request

3.1. The acceptance by the Customer of the terms of this Offer is made by using the website in any of the possible ways to request any service provided by the https: // transferbg. me.

3.2. The Customer is responsible for the content and authenticity of the information provided when requesting the service.

3.3. Once the request has been submitted, the information is registered in the Database at The Internet site does not modify or edit the Customer's information without its consent.

3.4. The website free of charge registers a Database Request and provides access to the carrier that chooses the Application and informs about its choice of the website. The Carrier is responsible for the performance of the carriage.

3.5. The website informs the Customer of the acceptance of the request by the carrier.

3.6. The web site accepts pre-orders for shipping. Responsible for the timely provision of the vehicle is the Carrier, which has been promptly informed by the website of the previously received Application.

3.7. The website reserves the right to refuse the possibility of registering a request on the website to a Customer who disagrees with the terms of this Offer without being obliged to state the reasons for the refusal .

3.8. For the internal control of the activity of the website and for the quality control of the execution of the requests, the communication calls between the Client and the website can be made

They come from.

3.9. In order to improve the quality of the opportunity to register a Client's request on the website, as well as to ensure operational interaction between the Customer and the Carrier, the Customer may notify the website for committed violations of his rights by the Carrier by sending a complaint through the electronic service for feedback or in writing to the management address of the website In this case, the website informs the Carrier of the claim submitted by the Customer, communicates to the Carrier a contact telephone number with the Customer and the content of the Customer's claim. The subsequent resolution of the conflict takes place between the Client and the Carrier without the participation of the website. The content of this provision is not a proof and can not be considered as accepting from the website any obligation to compensate for the damages in kind or in cash, compensation payments and / or acceptance from the website on yourself to other obligations not provided for in this Offer.

3.10. When collecting and processing personal data of the Client, the website carries out its activity in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (SG, No. 1 of 4 January 2002.).

3.11. In the event of any questions on the part of the Customer regarding the characteristics of the filing capability, Customer may contact a specialist from the website before making a Request.

  1. Obligations on the website

4.1. Free to register, book a customer's request in the database at the website and inform the Customer of the execution of the request.

4.2. Notify the Customer in the event of a vehicle's delay.

4.3. To inform the Customer when it is impossible to provide a vehicle.

4.4. Timely detect and prevent attempts for unauthorized access to information provided by the Customer and / or the provision of this information to persons not directly concerned with the execution of the request.

  1. Obligations of the Customer

5.1. Register a request on the website, taking into account the time it takes for the arrival of the vehicle and the duration of the trip to the final destination.

5.2. Take into account the number of seats and the volume of the luggage compartment, provide additional information on the total volume of carry-on luggage and also the need to equip the vehicle with child restraints.

5.3. Give the phone number, the time and address the vehicle should arrive, the type of vehicle, the route of the journey, its requirements for the conditions of carriage.

5.4. To use the vehicle as intended.

5.5. Protect the purity and order of the vehicle throughout the entire route.

5.6. When the customer makes a request at the last minute (urgent request to be immediately executed by the carrier), the website may request a prepayment, deposit or full payment from the customer. This payment is not refundable upon subsequent cancellation by the customer of the prepaid request.

5.7. Not to carry objects prohibited by law, belongings, etc.

  1. Making payments between the Customer and the Carrier

6.1. The website provides the Customer with an opportunity to register an Inquiry, and informs the Customer of its execution.

6.2. Payment of the provided services for carriage is performed directly between the Client and the Carrier. The website informs the Client of the value of the services provided for carriage. This value is calculated on the basis of the estimates announced by the Carrier that has accepted the Performance Order. Informing the Customer of the final value of the service is not evidence and can not serve as a reason for concluding that the website provides a transport service.

6.3. The website may provide a technical opportunity for prepayment and payment by the Customer in the following forms:

6.3.1. Advance payment on a secured website owned by the payment system; Entering the Bankcard data is done on a secured payment page of the bank - a payment operator, providing the possibility of non-cash payments for the services.

6.3.2 Cashless payments using a bank card (if technically possible).

6.4. The website acts as a sales agent for receiving cash from customers through a virtual POS terminal and other means of electronic payments. The Internet site does not

receives proprietary benefits and generates no profit from Customer payments in favor of the Carrier. The amount of the value of the request for the services rendered shall be taken from the Client's bank card and, after deduction of the due commission fee, shall be transferred to the Carrier's personal account. The amount of the due commission fee for the transfer to the carrier's personal account shall be reported at the time of payment and shall be subject to the fees of the payment service provider or service bank used by the Client.

6.5. The cashless payment using bank cards is made through credit or debit cards of the payment systems (hereinafter referred to as the Bankcard).

6.6. Cashless payment with Bank Cards is made in accordance with the International Payment Systems Rules, in compliance with the principles of confidentiality and security of the payment made. The security of the card data provided by the Client is ensured by complying with the requirements of the Data Security Standard for card payments, and no one, including the website, can obtain it. Entering the Bankcard data is done on a secured payment page of the bank - a payment operator, providing the possibility of non-cash payments for the services.

6.7. In order to confirm the possibility of payment by bank transfer with Bank Cards, at the time of requesting the service, the card account may be able to block (block) a sum of money amounting to the value of the respective services. In case of cancellation by the Client of the requested request, as well as in other cases where services have not been provided to the Client, the funds booked on the Client's card account shall be returned to the Client.

6.8. If the Customer changes the volume of requested services (provision of additional paid services by the Customer's Carrier, etc.), the price is recalculated. The request is paid by the Customer in accordance with the amount of services actually performed.

6.9. The Customer and the Carrier are entitled to agree on other forms of payment for the additional services provided by the carrier, services not provided in this Offer, including payment of services in cash and other means not in breach of the applicable laws of the Republic Bulgaria.

6.10. The carrier is entitled to set additional payments for the provision of additional services:

6.11. The additional payment for any additional services not mentioned in the application may be negotiated between the Carrier and the Customer and is subject to an additional personal agreement.

6.12. The internet site informs the Customer of the estimated service charges and penalties specified by the Carrier. The payment of the provided additional services, as well as the payment of penalties, shall be made directly to the Carrier in a form agreed between the Client and the Carrier.

  1. Liability of the Parties

7.1. The parties are liable for failure to fulfill their obligations in accordance with the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation.

7.2. The website is not responsible for interrupting the acceptance, processing and transmission of the request by the Customer to the Carrier and notifying the Customer of the execution of the request when they are due to a malfunction of the https://

7.3. The website is not responsible for completely or partially interrupting the acceptance, processing and transmission of the Customer's request to the Carrier and notifying the Customer of the execution of the request when they are due to replacement of the equipment, or carrying out other activities related to the need to maintain the functionality and development of the technical means.

7.4. The website is not responsible for any damages and / or lost profits suffered as a result of registering the Customer's request on the website.

7.5. The website is not responsible for any failure on the part of the Carrier to fulfill its obligations.

  1. Dispute settlement order

8.1. Disputes arising out of the implementation of this Offer will be resolved by the Parties through well-intentioned negotiations.

8.2. In case of impossibility to resolve the disputes arising under the preceding item, they shall be subject to authorization by the competent authorities in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

  1. Special conditions

9.1. By agreeing to the terms of the Offer in its current version, the Customer also agrees to receive information messages as well as advertising information (including messages via Internet messengers such as "Viber", "WhatsApp", "Telegram" and the like) , which is distributed through the communications networks for the purposes and in the cases where such consent is required under the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria on advertising.

9.2. In the event of any disputes, the Bulgarian text of the general terms and conditions, published on the website