1 In case my flight is delayed, how much will it cost me?
Even if your flight is delayed, it will not cost you anything extra. Our drivers monitor customers’ flights and when you arrive, they will be waiting for you. Therefore, we recommend that you also specify your flight number when submitting the request.

2 What shall I do if I miss the plane or my flight is canceled?
If your flight is canceled or missed, you can contact us by phone or email and we will change your reservation for another flight. Changing or cancellation the reservation will not cost you anything extra.

3 If I paid the transfer electronically in advance and changed my plans, will you refund my money?
If you have paid a part of your trip or the full amount in advance, we will refund the entire amount you have transferred. You need to notify us at least 5 hours before the requested date and time of the transfer so we can cancel your reservation.

4 Are there any additional hidden fees and commissions for the service? What does the cost of transfer include?
No. The price you see on confirmation of the reservation is a final price and includes absolutely everything - waiting at the airport, gasoline, road tolls, and, of course, the very route from point A to point B.


- 5 If I travel with more luggage – suitcases and a set of skiing and snowboarding? Do I owe extra charges?

- No. Additional suitcase will not cost you anything extra. However, you should specify in advance the dimensions of the luggage, ski bags and snowboard equipment in the comment field of your reservation form in order to arrange for you a suitable car.

- 6 Can I make a reservation without paying online?

Yes. You can make a reservation without paying online. We will contact you by phone to confirm the reservation.

7 Can I make a reservation anonymously?
No. You can not.